Avoid Complications With Marine Surveyors

Marine Surveyors wooden box container

Quality Export ServicesOver the years, we’ve had many experiences with the marine surveyors calling our team. They get in touch when they need us to repack and secure containers of goods or even flat racks of machinery when the job hasn’t been done correctly. In some cases our team is familiar with the job, having quoted it earlier but lost it to a cheaper quote. You might find a cheaper quote in the market place, but you need to be sure the Packaging Company you’re speaking to is able to manage the project appropriately.

UBEECO® lead the way when it comes to exporting in Australia. Our knowledgeable crew are highly experienced in the processes to secure loads correctly and carefully. This is a division of our business that was built on word of mouth for a reason.

Trusting someone to arrange your shipment needs to be about more than just the price. If you want the job done right, it’s important to have a significant level of confidence in the ability of the people you put in charge of managing your project. Ask for photos or videos see if they have examples of similar or previous work they’re happy to share.

We’re not the most expensive out there, but we’re not likely to be the cheapest. What we can be measured on is our quality, our workmanship, our service and our vast years of experience to advise and support you with your project.

From the moment you speak to our office, you will feel confident that you’re in contact with the right packing company. We can custom make your boxes or bases and personalize your protective packaging needs.

Let us work with you on your next project, get in touch with the experts at UBEECO® Packaging Solutions today 1800 147 977.