Second-Hand: Wooden Boxes and Timber and Plastic Pallets

If you’re not so restricted with sizes or styles – the option for second-hand packaging products will greatly benefit you.

What To Expect

Whether you’re in a hurry to source them, choosing second-hand for environmental concerns or for cost savings – the demand for recycled products are in abundance. There are a few things to consider, though, when you opt out for this option.

Varying Sizes

This is an attribute that you can’t really be fussy about. Second-hand products are usually a once-off design or aren’t available in bulk so, consider the minimum and maximum size that could work for your goods.

Export Quality

Having second-hand products doesn’t mean you can’t have them meet Export quality. At UBEECO, we have ISPM 15 timber or plywood options available.

Weathered Appearance

These products will be weathered to some degree; don’t expect them to be or look brand-new. For example: some timber boxes have been stored outside so, one side might be darker than the other.

Different Styles & Designs

Some wooden boxes we have at UBEECO will be flat-packed (which means you have to assemble them yourself) and some are already assembled. We also have a handful of different designs for both wooden boxes and pallets, which we may not have consistent quantities of.

For more specifics regarding our supply of second-hand wooden pallets, we usually have the industry-standard size of 1165 x 1165 that we can rework to make sure they all have the top boards secured and in good order. These are generally sprayed in a grey colour. Other types we have vary in sizes that are both for storage and export that we have on clearance for no more than $10. These range from small designed skids to larger, odd-shaped pallets.

We also supply second-hand plastic pallets that are a grill-top style which may have some minor defects but still in good condition and will do the job just as well. At UBEECO, we normally have 1200 x 800, 1100 x 1100, and occasionally have 1165 x 1165.

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