What Is A Standard Australian Pallet Size?

You can get a variety of answers to this question.
We’ll keep it simple for you with these few points and video

Australian Pallet Suppliers

Size: 1165 x 1165

Top Boards: 7

Bearers: 3

Base Boards: 3 – 5

The above is a general overview, and there’s more detail behind this such as the timber thickness which varies depending on the weight you’re putting on the pallet. So before you order your standard pallets, get in touch with our team to see whether you need a light or heavy duty. Or, in fact, if you need something custom made.

Whilst Standard Pallets might seem like the best choice, a custom made pallet is at least worth considering. You don’t need volume of 50 or 100, we can custom make just 1 pallet

We’ve been manufacturing pallets for almost 50 years, and can work with you to supply both new and second hand standard pallets, but also, custom made pallets so get in touch with our team today.