How Custom Pallets Save Your Goods From Damage

So, you’re thinking of getting a standard pallet. Did you know you have an array of other options?

Don’t get us wrong – we, at UBEECO, can easily supply you with the run-off-the-mill, standard CHEP style pallet. But, what we’d rather do is manufacture a pallet that’s built for your application. This might make it cheaper; it could also make it more expensive. At the end, it will definitely be made to do what you need it to do.

When you consider other options that are available, it’s worth reviewing whether or not your choice of packaging could be saving you time, and ultimately improving the delivery of your products.

Benefits of Custom Made Pallets

Have you been getting damages to your goods? Does your product fit properly on the pallet? Is the pallet getting damaged? There are a number of areas that we can work on to help you improve the way you store and ship your goods. One solution is to get Custom Made Pallets.

Many companies often spend entire weeks organising the logistics of a shipment only to lose money on damages upon arrival. Careful shipment planning with the use of ineffective pallets is like inviting someone into your house, only to slam the door on their faces as they approach. The most important thing to do is package your shipment properly from the beginning so that they arrive at the other end in exactly the same shape as they left in.

This shipping experience for your goods can be made possible by choosing custom pallets. They provide a variety of advantages which save you a lot of damage costs:

  • You inevitably avoid your pallets from being overloaded and breaking.
  • They are tailored to the shape of operational needs, avoiding forklift damage to the base and/or the sides of your product.
  • Additional bearers and slates are positioned properly which hold the weight of your goods sufficiently, keeping them stable.

Can I still make-do without custom pallets?

At the end of the day, if a standard-sized 1100 x 1100 pallet is just what you need, then that’s something we’re happy to supply you as well. Remember that pallets aren’t only planks of wood to place under your products; they also function as protection from freight damages and can even save you money in many aspects.

If you need some more advice – get in touch with our team, have a chat, and let’s see what we can do to help you with your pallet needs today.