UBEEC’TIONARY – Understand Industry Terms

UBEECO™ Packaging Solutions understand that there is a great deal of confusion in understanding terminology that is used in this industry. With this in mind we have developed the UBEEC’TIONARY!

2 Way Entry – Access from 2 sides

4 Way Entry – Access from all four sides

Base Slats – Timber pieces that run the length of the pallets on the bottom

Bearers – Timber pieces that run the width of the pallet/case/crate to allow fork tyne or pallet jack access

Crate – A box that has gaps between the boards all the way round

Case – A box that is fully enclosed it has no gaps between the boards

Closed Base – Bottom of a crate is solid with no gaps between the boards

D.A.R – Dressed All Round, timber is smooth on all faces

Desiccants – Material to absorb moisture within the package

Diameter – The measurement of a circle from one side to the other

Docking – To cut a piece of timber at a specific length

End Batten – Timber piece that holds the end slats in place

Fibreboard – Corrugated cardboard

Foil Bags – Aluminium bags vacuum sealed for moisture protection

Full Deck – Top of the pallet is fully enclosed to have no gaps

Fumigation – Timber is put into a gas chamber and gassed to kill any bugs or infestations

Groove – A section of timber is removed length ways so strapping can sit there

GRS – Green Rough Sawn Timber, timber still has moisture in it

HDPP – High Density Polypropylene

Height – Measurement from the top to the bottom of the object

I.D – Internal Dimensions of the object

ISPM15 – International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures. Timber is heat treated or fumigated with Methyl bromide and stamped or branded with a mark of compliance. This is required for all timbers that need to be exported.

Journals – Timber has part of a circle cut out of them to have circular items placed in the cut outs to hold them into place

K.D – Kiln Dried Timber, timber has been dried in a kiln to remove moisture

Laminated – Joining of two or more pieces of timber on top of each other

LDPP – Low Density Polypropylene

Length – Measurement from the left to the right of the object

Lid Batten – Timber piece that holds the lid slats in place

M.D.F – Medium Density Fibreboard meaning made of compressed fibreboard

Masonite – Board made from sawmill waste & forest thinning compressed together with glue

O.D – Outside Dimensions of the object

O.S.O – One Side Off – meaning one side of case/crate to be nailed on with double headed nails so as side can be removed

Pallet – A pallet that has top slats, bearers and base slats

Panel Form – When a case/crate is not put together, it will be supplied in flat pack form for the customer to assemble

Particleboard – Board made up from compressed wood chips and glue

PE – Polyethylene

PP – Polypropylene

Radius – Measurement from the centre of the circle to the outside parameter

Ripping – To cut the timber to a smaller width, example 38mm timber ripped into 19mm

Scalloping – Timber has part of a circle cut outs for pipe, shafts, etc to sit into

Side Batten – Timber piece that holds the side slats in place

Sisal Lined – Lining that reduces possibility of water damage

Skid – A skid that has top slats and bearers

Slats – Timber pieces that run the length, width or height of a case/crate or pallet

Trenching – A section of the width of the timber is carved away

Width – Measurement from the back to the front of the object

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