Cheap Plastic Pallets: Q & A

Sourcing plastic pallets in Sydney and thinking about whether or not this is your best option shouldn’t be a hard task.

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Questions and Answers: Plastic Pallets

When looking for cheap pallets, most would think that cost compromises quality. But, there are a list of ways you can cut costs just by considering your application needs and alternative options.

I need to export. Which type of pallet is best for me?

Plastic pallets are significantly lighter in weight and will save you on freight costs. Now, who doesn’t like that?

I need pallets that have to be clean every use. Can I clean timber pallets?

Timber pallets need special conditioning for them to be ISPM 15 certified and usually cannot be cleaned with a simple wash of water. This is why plastic pallets are the way to go for the hygienic option; they can easily be cleaned and sanitised.

Can I use standard plastic pallets for products with spill risks?

The most common standard plastic pallet has a grill top which might make it easy to hose down later but the last thing you want is the mess from spill leaks in your warehouse or factory – whether it’s chemical or not.  That’s why Spill Kits should be your staple. Our spill kits can be slipped under a normal plastic pallet and can easily be cleaned, too.

I need to export overseas but hate filling out paperwork. What are my options?

Don’t worry – you’re not the only one! If you ship consumable goods, you probably already have enough forms to fill. Which is why Plastic Pallets are the better alternative to save you that one more document to worry about, and speed up your shipping process.

Now, for the question that’s probably important to you: ‘Where can I find the cheapest plastic pallet in Sydney?’

UBEECO is the answer!

We have brand new stock of 1100 x 1100 plastic pallets with an unbelievable price tag. Most exporters choose the Second-Hand Supply route because they’re practically giving the pallets away with each shipping container. It’s no wonder that online, third-party markets are the option for most procurement teams. But, with us, you’re able to choose the style that best suits your application without the need of a huge compromise with pricing.

At UBEECO, we work to supply products that meet not only your pricing but quality needs, too. Up until now, there hasn’t been a quality 1100 x 1100 nestable pallet that can be sourced at an affordable price. There has always been a lighter weight one but, the style and material has been somewhat less desired by most. Whether your usage for plastic pallets is 1000 per week or just 10 a month – we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed with the pricing. Call us today for an obligation-free quote!