Need Wooden Boxes in Sydney to Pack and Send your Product?

Would you like to pack and send your goods in a wooden box but don’t know what to buy?

No matter what shape or weight your product is there is a wooden box that can be made to help you pack and send your goods.

Here are 6 things you absolutely must know about selecting wooden boxes for your application:

  • The industry refers to Wooden Boxes as either a Case or Crate
  • A Case is a fully enclosed box with no gaps
  • A Crate has gaps between each piece of timber
  • Wooden Boxes are normally made from Plywood, Softwood or Hardwood (or a combination of all materials)
  • Wooden boxes can be supplied so that One side is off; meaning one side is nailed with a double headed nail for ease of removing so you can put your product inside
  • Wooden Boxes can be supplied Flat Packed or Kit Form for you to assemble onsite
  • There are rarely “stock options”, but ocassionaly manufacturers have excess or second hand stock, so it won’t hurt to ask the question.
  • If you’re shipping overseas, you will need ISPM15 certification, so be sure to advise your manufacturer at the time of getting your quote.

The choices are endless when it comes to how you can have your Wooden Boxes customised. So consider what we can do to make the packing easier for you.

If you would like advice on what type of Wooden Box you should use to pack and send your goods why not contact us on 1800 147 977 or come on over to our website for more information. We can even arrange for your goods to be packed for you, so get in touch with our experienced team today.