Need Wooden Boxes in Sydney to Pack and Send your Product?

Are you thinking about packing and sending goods in a wooden box but don’t know which one to get? No matter what shape or weight your product is – there’s always one that can be made to perfectly fit the requirements of your application.

Wooden Boxes

Wooden Boxes are the most customisable in that their shape, strength and ways of placing your products can all be modified by the type of wood and extra accessories you choose.

Whether you already know a thing or two about Wooden Boxes, here are a few more that you must – or are useful to – know about them:

  • They’re also referred to in the industry as cases (fully enclosed box with no gaps) or crates (has gaps between each piece of timber)
  • They’re usually made from plywood, softwood or hardwood (can also be a combination of these materials)
  • Can be supplied with one side off: one side is nailed with a double headed nail for ease of removing so that you van put your product inside
  • Can be supplied flat-packed or in kit form for you to assemble on-site
  • ISPM15 Certification is required if you’re shipping overseas so, be sure to advise your manufacturer about this before production
  • Stock options are rare, but manufacturers occasionally have excess or second-hand stock (just ask!)

UBEECO does it all

Here, at UBEECO, we can assure you that no job is too big or too small. We’ve been manufacturing and supplying packaging solutions for a variety of industries, businesses and purposes such as the glass industry, aviation, consumable goods, storage and many more.

If you’re not in Sydney – we also have other manufacturing sites located in Queensland (Integra Packaging) and Victoria (Expert Packaging). We also have the capacity to manage your orders Australia-wide. Let us help you with your wooden box packaging solutions; give us a call or shoot us an email.