Quality Second Hand Pallets In Sydney

The demand for Second Hand Pallets seem to be getting larger in Sydney,
whether it’s for environmental concerns or cost savings the demand for recycled products are in abundance.

second hand pallets sydney

As manufacturers in the industry for over 40 years we encourage everyone to consider new pallets for continuity of supply, we have competitive rates and quality products. Whilst we’re a leading pallet manufacturer, we keep significant stock of second hand pallets. We have a couple of options to offer, so here’s a rundown of the options we generally have on hand:

Second Hand Timber Pallets

These are our highest quality second hand pallets. In a consistent Industry Standard size of 1165 x 1165.

We re-work them and make sure they have all top boards repaired and in good order. They’re generally sprayed Gray in color.

Second Hand ‘Various’ Pallets

We have a range of various size pallets both export and non export that we clear out for around $6 each. These range from small designed skids to larger odd shaped pallets. Perfect when you’re not fussy on size.

Second Hand Plastic Pallets

Quality used Black Plastic Pallets. These are grill top style and may have some minor defects, but they really are in great condition. We normally have 1200 x 800 or 1100 x 1100, and occasionally have 1165 x 1165

No matter what type of recycled pallets, we’ve got the product for you so get in touch with our team on 1800 147 977 or email sales@ubeeco.com.au