Don’t Over Pay For Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most used and loved packaging products on the market.
Who doesn’t see bubble wrap and get that urge to twist and pop it!
But, when it comes to buying it, do you know the price you should be paying?

For convenience, Bubble Wrap is available at retail stores in small convenient rolls. Whilst buying retail size rolls often seems to be the most economical choice, it’s actually the most expensive option to take.

Wholesalers sell a variety of roll sizes and most of us will sell direct to the public. A standard roll is 1500mm x 100m with a bubble wrap size of 10mm. The average price at the time of writing this is around $60-$80 / roll depending on order quantity. So let’s use $80/ roll for this exercise.

The most common size sold by retailers is around 375mm wide x 25m long and you can pay around $15 for a roll like this.

What consumers don’t realise is, that a standard roll of bubble wrap can be cut down in size to suit the customer’s needs. We can cut the 1500mm wide (or tall however you want to look at it) roll 4 times, making 4 rolls of 375mm x 100m rolls. You’d pay the whole roll price of $80 which works out to be $20/ cut roll and you’re getting 100m on the length instead of the 25m the retailers are offering! The math is pretty simple, so get in touch with us today to have a chat about how we can save you on your bubble wrap needs.

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