Self Storage Association of Australia article on Integra Packaging

Article based on the following appeared in the
Self Storage Association of Australia’s ‘Insider‘ magazine Dec/Jan edition
(our thanks to Claire Beattie SSAA)

SSAA MemberAs a member of SSAA, Integra Packaging / Box Built Australia has a growing list of innovative products to offer Members. We understand that storage Customers want more varied storage options and storage Owners need to cater for those changing market demands. Sales Manager Sean Clark says “you can enhance your ability to service customer needs, give yourself a real point of difference from your competition – and increase revenue”. I believe the following new innovations have arrived just at the right time!

QLD stackable timber storage unitsPortable / stackable storage solutions

Portable / stackable timber storage units provide a real space-saving alternative. Strong, compact and durable – each module can hold 1.44 tonne and can be stacked up to 4 units high. (Please view picture inset). Sean Clark believes there is unlimited potential for self-storage to lead the way in adoption of modules. “Facility operators often pay high land rents and need every option available to optimize the airspace of their properties without costly mezzanine floors and large steel units. The smaller lockable / stackable units provide flexibility allowing operators to make the best use of available space and provide options to their customers at a competitive pricepoint” he says.

Collapsible plywood storage solution

User-friendly, lightweight, durable European design provides excellent stacking capability. With boxes available in flat-pack form they become a superior solution to cardboard for long term storage of heavy, sensitive or expensive goods. Just like cardboard they can be printed or company branded for a smarter looking finished product. The units are easily assembled by staff or client with two standard interchangeable pallet sizes available (500mm high and 1000mm high).

Intercept ® packaging / storage technology

Until now, it has been virtually impossible to keep your valued items and collections out of harm’s way. Corrosive gases in the environment (also called reactive gases) can be found anywhere and everywhere. They are produced from natural things on earth, such as vegetation decay as well as man-made pollution, fossil fuel combustion and factory emissions.

The Intercept technology using micro copper particles bound in a copper-polymer was developed by the then Bell Laboratories in the US for the transport of electronic equipment and the storage of fine art and artefact’s for museums.

Intercept Technology™ reacts with and permanently neutralizes the corrosive gases as well as inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew. It prevents degradation from occurring!

Only Corrosion Intercept® technology provides this active protection for your collections.

Sean Clark says ‘this is an opportunity too good to refuse and sounds too good to be true but it is now available to the self storage industry and their clients in easy to use, off-the-shelf items such as various size plastic zip lock bags, cardboard boxes, CD bags and large boat, car and bike covers. The products are endless and this is the future of corrosive protection’.